About Us

We pioneered as cleaning contractor for the Health-Care Sector, and today we provide corporate hygiene solutions across a wide range of industry sectors, meeting the highest quality standards and harnessing cutting-edge technology.

Our History


Our Beginnings

Los Soles Internacional was born with the aim of developing a comprehensive cleaning service, especially designed for the corporate sector.

Always at the forefront

Since the beginning, we have specialized in the comprehensive cleaning and maintenance of large surface areas in markets as demanding as the Pharmaceutical Industry.


Taking the first step

Swiss Medical Group is incorporated and they grant us the privilege of pioneering into being the first contractors in Argentina to provide hygiene services for the health-care sector. We complement our expertise in hospital-grade disinfection with other cleaning solutions as the end-of-work cleaning of the renown “Clínica y Maternidad Suizo Argentina'' and its servicing for its opening day. Since then, we have been working alongside them incorporating new hospital room services to provide the best experience possible for patients.

Year after year

We have optimized our solutions and managed to get renown Argentine institutions to trust us to safeguard the hygiene of their business, positioning us as leaders in the market.


Goals achieved

We had the enormous satisfaction, after a tough bidding process, of being entrusted by the International Olympic Committee the comprehensive cleaning of the Olympic Village for the Youth Olympic Games. The premises covered a surface area of 22 hectares with 10000 people moving around during daytime, including athletes, visits, personnel and volunteers, having to appoint over 800 of our collaborators to this task.


Everything evolves

And so do we. In 2018, Coca-Cola secured our services for its new sustainable corporate headquarters, thus strengthening our commitment towards a work methodology that benefits not only the community but also the environment.
The corporate headquarters of the company is LEED certified, a distinction awarded to buildings that comply with the highest standards of energy efficiency with a low environmental footprint during their construction and thereon.


We use cutting-edge machinery.

We optimize our services by constantly incorporating the latest technology developed for each task.

SUPER SPEED Washing-polishing machine

Ride-on Sweeper

Battery operated Floor Scrubber

Commercial Pressure Washer

SUPER SPEED Industrial Vacuum Cleaner


We ensure an uninterrupted optimum solution,
and our tools are not the exception.


We offer customer service 365 days of the year.


We carry out monthly routine checks.


Our Contingency Plan enables the immediate replacement of equipment to prevent the service from being suspended.


Keeping our personnel trained is the key to our success.

In order to provide a high-class service, we train our collaborators on:

• Safe Practices and Accident Avoidance

• Emergency Procedures

• Health and Safety

• Proper Use of Specific Machinery

• Handling of chemicals and their use on each surface.

• On-site training in charge of our technical experts to meet the customers’ requirements and tailored solution.