How we work


All our services are scalable and adapted to any working environment, from administrative offices to industrial facilities, including facades, lighting fixtures, common areas, parking lots and green spaces.


We care about details and providing high-class customer service so that our customers’ facilities shine bright creating a safe and comfortable working environment.


Through our management system we plan the whole service, scheduling the tasks and their frequency. Our personnel keep record of all the information, enabling a better control of the service and the drafting of reports for each customer.


We use the best products in the market, respecting the environment and securing ANMAT certifications.


We offer customers a 24hs direct line with Management. Our General Operations Management concentrates and coordinates all services keeping a permanent open line with service and area supervisors.


We guarantee the rendering of each service since we have additional personnel ready to step in in case of any absence.


We pioneered as contractors of cleaning services in health care centers. This has allowed us to develop proven professional hygiene techniques used today in diverse facilities that have different areas with different risk levels and that therefore require different actions and approaches.

Pharmaceutical laboratories and the food industry are examples of industries with sensitive areas that require a specific cleaning grade to guarantee the asepsis in their facilities.

In Los Soles Internacional we work hand in hand with each institution in order to implement a strategy that allow us achieve the appropriate hygiene grade for each requirement.

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We understand how important it is for our customers to have their commercial and corporate facilities properly cleaned, as well as having clean and tidy spaces that enhance the experience of end-users, the company’s image and, above all, safeguard people’s health.

Hotels, Shopping Malls, Offices and Banks choose us every day.

Our working methodology ensures the non-disruption of your business since we use eco-friendly products that respect the environment and are harmless to people.

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We perform disinfections and pest controls using safe products of maximum efficacy through specially trained personnel.

We plan preventive actions and ensure the performance of every legislation in force on the matter.

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Upon completing a construction or refurbishing work it is necessary to thoroughly clean the premises in order to remove any remaining material from the surfaces. To such effect, we have experts in the removal of different materials, specific tools for such task and top-of-the-line products.

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We have a team of experts exclusively dedicated to this risky task, equipped with everything needed and trained to follow strict safety protocols.

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We render building maintenance services to our customers, involving diverse tasks such as:

01. Electrical repairs
02. Gas system repairs
03. Air conditioning systems maintenance
04. Masonry
05. Painting
06. Flooring Repair and Upkeep
07. Woodwork
08. Ironwork

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